November 1–3, 2017
Marriott Rivercenter Hotel
101 Bowie St., San Antonio, Texas

Hosted by the South Texas Geological Society

Opening Session and Awards Ceremony

Join GCAGS President Thomas E. Ewing, GCSSEPM President John Suter, and General Chairman Gene Ames in welcoming attendees to San Antonio and acknowledging worthy individuals for their contribution to both GCAGS and GCSSEPM. Tom Ewing will give a short talk on the Convention of the Future. Entrance by badge only.

Date:  Wednesday, November 1, 2017
Time:  4:15 pm-6:00 pm
Location:   Salon H (enter thru I)

The Awards Ceremony recognizes the 2017 recipients of GCAGS and GCSSEPM special honors, as well as the awardees of the best presentations and best published papers in the 2016 GCAGS Transactions and GCAGS Journal, all of whose works have made important contributions to GCAGS and the advancement of geosciences.

2017 GCAGS Transactions DedicationWilford Stapp

2017 GCAGS Distinguished Service – Rick Paige, Wayne Croft, Jennifer Smith-Engle, Douglas Toepperwein, and John Long

2017 GCAGS Don Boyd Medal – Paul Weimer

2017 GCAGS Honorary Membership – Charles Sternbach and Randy Bissell

2017 GCAGS Special Commendation – Leighton Devine

2017 GCSSEPM Doris Malkin Curtis Medal – Charles Winker

2017 GCSSEPM Distinguished Service Award – Dorene West

2017 AAPG Gulf Coast Section Imperial Barrel Award – Explorers Division: 1st Place, University of Houston; 2nd Place, Texas A&M University, Prospectors Division: 1st Place, University of Louisiana Lafayette; 2nd Place, University of Texas, Gulf Coast Finals: 1st Place, University of Houston; Runner-up, University of Louisiana Lafayette

2016 AAPG Gulf Coast Section A. I. Levorsen Memorial Award – Cian O’Reilly, Duncan Bate, James Keay, Alex Fick, Alex Birch Hawkins, Dario Chisari, Jason Kegel, and Brad Torry, “Structural Styles and Regional Play Types in the Mexican Offshore from New Seismic Data”

2016 Thomas A. Philpott Excellence of Presentation Awards – 1st Place, Bo Chen, Dhananjay Kumar, Anthony Uerling, Sheryl Land, Omar Aguirre, Tao Jiang, and Setiawardono Sugianto, “Using Seismic Inversion and Net Pay to Calibrate Eagle Ford Shale Producible Resources”; 2nd Place, Paul K. Wieg, “Large-Scale Depositional Characteristics of the Wilcox Formation, Central Gulf of Mexico Deepwater”; and 3rd Place, Thomas E. Ewing and Juan L. Gonzalez, “The Late Quaternary Rio Grande Delta - A Distinctive, Underappreciated Geologic System”

2016 Gordon I. Atwater Best Poster Awards – 1st Place, Peng Li, Michael E. Ratchford, Marc W. Charette, Bradley J. Walls, and Richard P. Philp, “Unconventional Reservoir Characterization of the Brown Dense Mudstone (Lower Smackover Formation), Gulf Coastal Plain, South Arkansas”; 2nd Place, Adam Majzoub and Kevin W. Stafford, “Characterization and Delineation of Karst Geohazards along RM652 Using Electrical Resistivity Tomography, Culberson County, Texas”; and 3rd Place, Aaron A. Eaves and Kevin W. Stafford, “Delineation of Karst Geohazards along Highway 652 through the Use of Ground Penetrating Radar, Culberson County, Texas”

2016 Grover E. Murray Best Published Paper Awards – 1st Place, Erik S. Heider and David T. King, Jr., “Early Modification Stage Emplacement of Shallow Crater-Filling Units, Wetumpka Impact Structure, Alabama”; 2nd Place, Douglas W. Haywick, David C. Kopaska-Merkel, and Richard Keyes, “Petrographic and Faunal Characterization of Monteagle and Hartselle-Equivalent Strata in Northeast Alabama”; and 3rd Place, Brian B. Hunt, Alex S. Broun, Douglas A. Wierman, David A. Johns, and Brian A. Smith, “Surface-Water and Groundwater Interactions Along Onion Creek, Central Texas”

2016 President’s Award for Outstanding Paper (GCAGS Journal, vol. 5) – J. Carl Fiduk, Vivian Robertson, Marianne Clippard, George A. Jamieson, and Sarah Power, “Extensional Salt Keels Detached on Eocene-Oligocene Sediments in the Deepwater Northern Gulf of Mexico: Insights into Canopy Advancement, Salt-Sediment Interplay, and Evidence for Unrecognized Mass Sediment Displacement”


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