November 1–3, 2017
Marriott Rivercenter Hotel
101 Bowie St., San Antonio, Texas

Hosted by the South Texas Geological Society

Women in Geosciences Breakfast

Women in Geosciences Breakfast (Sponsored by Auburn Energy and Association for Women Geoscientists)

Speaker:  Leslie Savage, Assistant Director for Technical Permitting, Oil and Gas Division, The Railroad Commission of Texas
Talk Title:  Regulatory Response to Changing Technology and Conditions
  Friday, November 3, 2017
Time:  7:00 am-8:20 am
Location:  Salon M

Summary:  Over its long history, the Railroad Commission of Texas has developed regulatory responses to changing technology and conditions. Recent changes to which the Commission has responded include horizontal drilling, hydraulic fracture stimulation, recycling of produced fluids, and seismic activity.

Bio:  Leslie Savage is the Assistant Director for Technical Permitting for the Oil and Gas Division of the Railroad Commission of Texas. Over her 33 years of employment with the Commission, Ms. Savage helped develop and/or supervised the Commission’s programs for underground injection control, surface waste management, hazardous oil and gas wastes, naturally occurring radioactive material, waste minimization, and geologic storage of carbon dioxide. Ms. Savage currently is responsible for managing the Groundwater Advisory, Engineering, UIC, and Environmental Permitting Units, as well as coordinating rulemaking for the division, coordinating with federal and other state agencies, and water quality certification of federal permits. Ms. Savage has represented the Commission in several state and national organizations, including the Texas Groundwater Protection Committee, the Executive Committee of the Coastal Coordination Council, the Governor’s Environmental Task Force, the State Review of Oil and Natural Gas Environmental Regulations, Inc. (STRONGER, Inc.), and the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission. She is the past president of the national Ground Water Protection Council.. Ms. Savage graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 1982 with a B.S. in Geology.


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